About us

Restaurant Churchill – a place where tradition and modern make perfect synergy

At the very heart of the city, yet away from the everyday hustle and bustle, in Pašićeva 25, there is a restaurant Churchill that exists for almost 30 years and has a strong foundation woven into the tradition of the city. Lulled by the traditional core of Novi Sad, Churchill carries the spirit of old times, while following modern vibrations of their visitors in the creation of unique gourmet pleasures.
Dishes whose flavors are based on the concept that the traditional can create a strong synergy with the modern are designed in the best way demonstrating that the combination of old and new can be a a winning, and that we should not run away from tradition, but you need to turn to it in a stylish way. Emphasis is placed on organic products used in the preparation of dishes that are prepared once again in such a way to preserve the nutritional properties. In our restaurant you can enjoy the taste of dishes prepared from ingredients grown in the traditional way, by all standards of organic production.

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The restaurant has four different rooms: “Ceremonial Hall” has a capacity of 40 seats, “A La Cart lounge” also has 40 seats, in the “Closed Garden” there are 20 seats, and the “Coffee cocktail lounge” offers a total of 30 seats to enjoy.

Churchill offers a unique menu and every time that you choose a dish from the offer, you discover a new taste and create a new experience. In order to make the experience complete perfect every taste perfect, restaurant Churchill offers a wide selection of carefully selected wines.